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Legible Ankara


T.R. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Signage and Original Font National Design Competition - Winning Project

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    Urban Design

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    Research & Usability, Product Design, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Visualization, Brand & Communication


Street Singn Design

For an inclusive city,

Legible Ankara is a project for redesigning and realizing street-signs, which are accessible tools of wayfinding for everyone, in line with the Republican fiber and innovative identity of our capital.

With inspiration from the past,

Living the capital red again.

In this project, which deals with the history, culture and future of Ankara, it is thought and redesigned how existing street signs can better communicate with the society.


of the Republic

The colors of the Republic, which our capital has had in its history since its establishment, were inspired by the buildings of the period, transportation vehicles, decorations and even the daily items used at that time, and these colors were used in the design of the street signs.

This work, which forms the basis of creating an identity for Ankara, aims to find a place in today’s day with the nostalgic texture evoked in us by the Republican period.


Originality is in the interaction with people.

A system design that provides benefits in the flow of daily life with its innovation with icons, creates awareness about the environment and gives confidence. Frequently used hospital, police station, bus stops, etc. The information on which direction to reach the points can be reached is explained on the signboards thanks to the designed icons.

Production Video

Rediscovery of the city.

A routing system that supports the sense of discovery of city residents and visitors and facilitates their communication with their surroundings, and the implementation of a holistic identity on the streets in which the urban elements will be in harmony.


Legible, understandable and acceptable.


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