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Empowering Design: Challenging Global Violence Against Women and Girls

Exploring the Power of Design in Social Change

Redefining Gender-Based Violence Prevention Through Collaboration

Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) is a global injustice, a learned behavior settled in norms and an abuse of human-rights. However, it is preventable. More than creating aesthetics, design as a practice, can provide new opportunities to end gender-based violence with an empathic and innovative approach. Thanks to a collaboration between @worlddesignorg and @unwomen a design challenge held earlier this year to reduce VAWG through targeted behavior changes. In this challenge our co-founder Melis Dizdar represented Kavi’s approach in design and work with wonderful people in a multidisciplinary team of creatives. We share the same passion with people who are eager to use their talents to create a better future!

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