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TCL Wave


TCL Awards 2021 - Silver Award

  • Sector

    Consumer Electronics

  • Year


  • Expertise

    Research & Usability, Conceptual Design, Visualization, Experience & Product Design


Adapting to the transformation of living spaces,

A flexible panel that can be shaped by hand.

Even though digital displays play a significant role in shaping the arrangement of living spaces, they are often perceived as detached from people, serving merely as objects for image display. They possess an astonishing yet untouchable quality. 
How can the flexible technology of digital displays seamlessly integrate into our lifestyles? 
This question paves the way for introducing a unique concept that empowers users to effortlessly adapt to any space, allowing them to configure the angles of the displays according to their individual needs and desires.

Widen the usability of OLEDs.

Introducing a unique flexible display WAVE, that enables users to effortlessly form angles and create curved surfaces by hand, which can later be flattened when necessary and seamlessly reshaped on desire. 
This innovative product invites individuals to explore and engage with its surface in a way they have never experienced before, offering a playful and interactive interaction.

Shape & Reshape

Wave uses the natural properties of the materials in its structure to be formed in the desired shape. Thanks to the advanced material Nitinol, which is a shape memory and super elastic property that allows users to create different shapes that can quickly return to their original flat form when the temperature is applied.

Certificate No: 7129480

Patent Name: Flexible Screen Terminal
Patent No.: ZL 2021 3 0573377.7

Patentee: TCL Technology Group Co., Ltd.




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