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Captivating the City: Our Winning Street Sign Designs

Unveiling the Essence of Urban Identity through Innovative Signage

Creating a landmark for capital Ankara.

We’re thrilled to announce our winning design for the ‘Ankara on the Street’ project, organized by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Competitions like these unite creativity and progress, fostering a culture of innovation in our capital. Our heartfelt thanks go to Mayor Mansur Yavaş for championing this initiative, to Chief Mustafa Koç for his meticulous oversight, to the Sokaktaki Ankara team for their support, and to the esteemed jury members for their expertise. We can’t wait to see our designs enriching the streets of Ankara!

Selected by Experts, Voted by Ankara!

The jury determined the top three designs in the competition, but in the votiing results, the residents of Ankara themselves decided on their own street signs.

To eliminate the visual pollution caused by advertising billboards and to revitalize the unique values of the capital, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality organized a voting process via the Başkent Mobile platform for the selection of new street signs specific to the capital. Our design, chosen in the voting process, is now adorning the streets of Ankara.

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